How to Guard Your Heart?

“Oh dear, guard your heart.”

How many times have you heard about this advice? How many times have you given this advice?
I, for example, when I was still in my baby steps in my Christian walk, had a conversation on this with one of our female church leaders. It went something like this..

“What will I do Ate? I can’t stop thinking about him.”
“Dear, you really have to guard your heart.”
“Surrender it to God. Pray about it.”
*blankly stared at her and just nodded in agreement but obviously didn’t understand a thing*

I mean, surrendering it to the Lord has always been part of the equation. Praying about it is a must. But what I needed that time were concrete steps. What are the things I should be start doing? What are the things I need to stop thinking about? How do I guard my heart?

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